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Our Services – How We Help With Your Company Wellbeing Solutions

See below for our different options of wellbeing solutions at work

Silver Wellbeing

Do you have a planned wellbeing week and you don't know what to provide to help your staff?
Do you know you need to provide a workshop for mental or physical health but have no time to research?

Then our Silver Wellbeing is for you. We offer our one-off events, workshops and seminars for your conference or office. Our stand alone workshops really target the focus of the wellness solution for you. Great options here include Sleep Clinic, Mindfulness, Menopause Seminar, Stress Buster.

During your wellbeing week we can provide a selection of classes and seminars to suit your specific requirements. We ascertain your needs and create the programme for you.

What would get your team inspired and energised?

Gold Wellbeing

Are you struggling to find the right start to your wellbeing work solution?
Have you been tasked with providing a 6-8 week programme of wellbeing and have literally no time and no where to start?

Our Gold Wellbeing solution is the option where your team can take advantage of a continued programme. A one off session is a great to get a taster for a particular wellbeing practice but a course is where you'll see the real results.

Our courses can include:

Mindfulness | Yoga & Pilates Running Club | Life Coaching Kettlercise | Boxercise Zumba/Dance and more...

Take advantage of a course of wellbeing so your staff can feel the full benefit of your investment in them.

Platinum Wellbeing

Are you finding keeping up with company wide staff wellbeing too much?
Are you wanting to keep fresh ideas for ongoing mental & physical wellness support but have so much else on your plate?

Our Platinum Wellbeing is designed to take all the pressure and planning of company wellness off your plate.

This is where you get our full support as an addition to your HR department. We can offer ongoing fitness programmes along with specific focus sessions according to your requirements, giving your team all the support they need.

Following a company health check, we'll design a tailored programme with ongoing additional support including: Counselling | Life Coaching | Corporate Massage Management Training

Success Stories

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The overall wellness of your team is paramount to staff retention, reducing absenteeism, creating staff that feel valued.

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Corporate Workshops: Improving Your Employee’s Health and Wellness in Sheffield, Nottingham and throughout the UK

Our motto is simple: healthier employees are happier employees. Our workshops, seminars and training are designed to help your staff to take control of their health and encourage them to become better employees by educating and empowering them to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Our team of specialists has provided training and counsel in many different types of business and we customise a plan for each of our clients.

Employee Mental Health

We believe that the workplace is an appropriate environment to educate professional individuals and raise their awareness of mental health problems. In a fast-paced workplace, employees may feel stress when they can’t cope with pressure and or if they feel that they cannot meet deadlines. Our corporate workshops and seminars aim to educate employees and leadership on how to cope with stress and develop resilience to it.

Our Services

We know from experience that companies that invest in the health of their staff often get recognised as the best places to work. We have designed our workplace wellness workshops so that your employees can benefit from knowing techniques to cope with stress and improve their health. Such programs often lead to the following benefits: reduced sickness, reduction in absenteeism, higher employee productivity and boosted employee morale.

Our Company

The wellness Team is dedicated to better the lives of our client partners and their employee. We aim to revolutionise the way companies think about their employee’s health by providing modern and advanced workshops and seminars covering a range of topics and issues.
We want to keep your employees healthy and your company happy in Sheffield, Nottingham and throughout the UK. Call us today on 0114 400 0012.